who's behind the lens

"a portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it."
-Edward Steichen

Nothing is more meaningful to me than a photo that can evoke a fond remembrance of a profound moment in time. My lifelong passion has always been to capture real moments between loved ones. I feel so fortunate to be able to share this passion with more and more families.

my story

"Every success depends upon focusing the heart."

My name is Cara Lynn! I'm a portrait and wedding photographer. From a young age, my mother has described me as an empath, which is someone who can easily connect to people and feel their energy. When I was 8 years old, she bought me a film camera at a yard sale. I have been in love with photographing people ever since.

I am always trying to capture the moment before its gone. As a child, my passion for soaking in the moment was coupled with the deep desire to freeze time. I never wanted the moment to end. I've taken this desire and have turned it into an art and service for others. I absolutely love witnessing families making memories and I feel honored to be able to give these moments back in a way that generations to come can cherish. I love my job and the value behind the service I offer.

I have always felt that my personal experiences have prepared me for my photography career. I completely understand the importance of family portraits and how a simple snapshot can someday become a family heirloom. When I was a child, I lost my father to cancer. As I struggled through my adolescence, I felt that I was cursed to learn about my father only through second hand stories. But I've realized that I had learned more from my father in the last year of his life than from anyone else. He showed me how to face my fears head on, to have courage when there is no promise of tomorrow, and that sacrifice can be the most precious gift you can give someone. Like a lighthouse on a shore, this man has always been a beacon of warm hope through my storm of a life. He always told me that I would never grow unless I tried, and to live in the moment. Even though his memory will forever be branded on my heart, I only have a hand full of photos of him that I still cling to. This has caused me to ALWAYS be photographing my own family. The the act of making happy memories is the strongest gift you can give a child, and I pray that my own children will never be without photos of their father and I.

The walls in my house are FILLED with precious snapshots of my family. I am engaged to the love of my life, Dan, who is my biggest supporter and best friend. Our bond has made me a proud mother to a spunky, and hilarious, little girl named Zoë. Our love story started bittersweet but as turned into my favorite fairytale. Dan was a friend of a loved one of mine who passed away in a car accident. This tragedy paused my life and happiness. I never thought I would love again. But then Dan came along and would not give up on me! He loves to joke that he stalked me until I said " yes" and honestly he's not far from the truth! But all his effort paid off; Daniel sparked a deep fire within my heart that inspired me to work through my grieving process and to open my heart to someone new. I was able to start over and start living in the moment again. He is my true hero and happiness.

You may wonder why I share these personal stories so freely. I have always believed that blunt honesty is the best method to getting to know someone. I am an open book and my personal story is something I am proud of. I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for my past struggles and my ideal client will share this mentality. I want to share your story, whatever it may be!

My mission is to help families capture memories so when tomorrow isn't promised, loved ones still have beautiful moments to display, share, love and remember.

If you have a family member who is terminally ill, PLEASE reach out. I offer special services for these families. Your memories are my priority.